Ben Montgomery: Lead Programmer

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Ben’s too smart. He’s the kind of person that understands things with half an effort, the kind of intellect that studies math, physics and biochemistry at university with no intention of actually entering the scientific or scholastic fields; a raw talent who picks up a trumpet at age nine and is playing Paganini and Charlie Parker by eleven.

We met Ben in 2005. He was making interactive animations to illustrate complex equations. Kinda random. We asked, “Can you animate this logo?” His stoicism can be intimidating, but he acquiesced. The animations created over the following years were among the very best being produced in New Mexico.

Ben never left Meridiansix but kept a long elliptical orbit. Coming in for small projects and disappearing again for months at a time. When my front-end programmer retired in 2013, we offered him the position. I was surprised and excited when he agreed. Over the last fifteen years, he’s become our primary asset.