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Social Networking

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Everybody is on Facebook. Everybody. If you’re not on Facebook, your absence isn’t felt. I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just THAT big. Predecessor MySpace tanked hard after it was bought in 2005 by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. That syndrome was labeled “MySpace fatigue,” and Facebook was predicted to follow suite. It didn’t happen. Facebook continued to grow. In May 2012, the Facebook IPO was lamented as radically inflated at $38 a share, and it fell sharply. It’s approaching $90 a share today with 1.2 BILLION ACTIVE USERS. I don’t try to understand it, I don’t try to predict the future. As far as I can tell, there’s really no point talking about it. Facebook is like Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac—it’s too big to fail. Will it fail? Maybe-so, but not tomorrow, not next week, not this winter and not next summer, so you might as well work it into your marketing budget today.

Twitter is for megalopolises. If you’re not in a big city like Chicago, it loses relevance. Twitter is almost negligible for marketing in New Mexico, the fifth largest and third sparsest state in the nation. But if you want to know where the hip food truck is in Los Angeles, the next rally in San Francisco or flash mob in New York City, Twitter is your media. It also has a good track record for networking dissidents overseas. In the land of enchantment, unless you’re following celebrities that DO live in a megalopolis, it’s meh.

The ladies are on Pinterest. Does that sounds sexist? More than any other social media venue, Pinterest enjoys a strong majority of female users—try 92%. Pinterest is content marketing at its finest, a great place to do research, window shop and find inspiration. Content marketing is all about giving up the goods: saying something meaningful or useful in an interesting way. Don’t forget to take pictures.

An Instagram is worth a thousand words. A staggering 55 million new photos are shared on Instagram a day. If you have photographic content to offer, get in there, get in there, get in there. I’m not sure how else to say it.