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Kathrin Schlenzig: Business Development

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The first time I met Kathrin, she was interviewing me. Her client was a multinational company who needed everything from brand refinement and a new website, to a cloud-based project management database and archive. Kathrin developed the specifications, shopped it out and picked Meridiansix to do the work. Even though the project was complicated, it ran smoothly. Kathrin was so good at auditing our work that we dreamed about hiring her to do quality control for everything.

I wasn’t sure where she was from, California, maybe Seattle? Then one day her phone rang during a meeting; she picked it up, and started speaking supersonic German. What? Was English her second language? No, it turns out that English is her fifth language. Nobody who meets her on this side of the pond suspects she’s European.

It wasn’t long before Meridiansix and Kathrin were collaborating on more projects. She’s an ace with Google AdWords, direct marketing campaigns, advertising budgets and an invaluable extra set of eyes for both design and content efforts. She’s the kind of person who says things like vertical integration, lean innovation, value framework and target validation during marketing meetings. She’s not just showing off her advanced degree in Business Administration, Finance and Strategic Planning from Justus Liebig University, she’s bringing her financial background to bear on every project. Kathrin sees marketing efforts in a greater context that includes everything from operational efficiency and return on investment, to market expansion and value creation for our business clients.

Even though she is Iota Business Development and we are Meridiansix, the border between us is as open as the one between Germany and Austria. Cars drive right through—I don’t even think there’s a guard on duty.